Installing driver for UNO

I am a teacher that is trying to use a set of 10 Arduino UNOs with my class. I have installed the IDE on the PC's we'll be using (which run Windows XP). The trouble I have been having is with the drivers for the Arduinos. The first time I connect an Arduino I'm told I need to install the driver which I do and everything is fine - as long as I use exactly the same Arduino. If I connect a different Arduino UNO (Rev. 3 just like the first one) to the PC I have to go through installing the driver again.

Now I'm in a situation where I have to label the 10 Arduinos and use a different one when I install the dirver on each 10 PC's and from then on each PC can only connect to the one specific Arduino I used when installing the driver.

What's going on and is there any way to do the driver installation so that it will work with any UNO?

Take a look at this document:

This should help you with the problem you are having. You will need to edit the registry on each system and install the drivers at least once on each system, but you shouldn't need to do it again after the initial time.

You will need to use the Hardware ID for the Arduino boards you are using.

If they are all UNO R3, then you will be using: IgnoreHWSerNum23410043

Thanks to Apple for creating such simple machines that allow to avoid these kinds of problems :)