Installing drivers for arduino

Hi, so I bought an arduino uno R3 thinking it was a genuine one (the price was the same as an authentic). Turns out it's a counterfeit one and my PC (running windows 10) isn't recognizing it. Neither can I connect it in "port" in arduino IDE.

I saw posts on this forums saying I need to download a driver from the chinese manufacturer. To do so I need to find "ch340" or "ch341" on the board. There's none of them. How do I know which one I should buy?

Note: the arduino board does turn on when I connect it to the computer. Also my friend ordered the exact same one and he had no problem like that (and it connects to my computer too).

AT the top of the page is a box.
Enter CH340 into it and you are away to the races.

Google "ch340g driver" and the name of your operating system, download, install.

Clones with things other than CH340G or 16u2 like official boards are increasingly rare in the wake of FTDIgate.