Installing ESP8266 addon board

I am a new user of the Arduino SDK and decided to install because of a project I saw on Sparkfun. Basically I just installed the environment and tried to add a URL to the Board manager dialog. ( so I can use the Arduino tool for programming the ESP. But when I open the board manager I get an error message at the bottom of the dialog that states : "Error downloading" and there is no board listed for the ESP8266. When I point may browser to the URL the HTML text is displayed?

I have tried several times and get the error message every time and do not get a choice to install the ESP addon?

I think I'm going to uninstall and re-install the IDE to see what happens.

I have tried multiple times to re-install even tried installing down rev. version, same error message. Installed runtime java, no help. Ran the program as administrator, no help.

I get the same java error when I try the board manager or the library manager...a dialog that says, it failed to download from the URL

If anyone has an idea, I am to the point where I'm out of ideas.