Installing Libraries

Hi, I am new to Arduino. I downloaded the IDE but can't see any libraries in the libraries folder just a .txt file. If I try and include a library in my sketch the #include... is added at the start but I still see nothing in the libraries folder. Have I missed installing the libraries when I downloaded the IDE? If so can someone help me to do so. I have followed the "Installing Additional Arduino Libraries" guide, but can't see any .zip files in the libraries folder.

yo might need to restart all instances of the IDE as libraries are identified at the startup IIRC

Just tried including "lcd" library. then closed IDE and re-opened. Still no zip files visible. will try again after a compile. If no change I will uninstall the IDE and reinstall. Thanks for advise.

in the libraries folder you should see a foldername that is the lib name, and underneath the .cpp and .h name
something like ...


manually add library ....goto import library ...add library folder..........if it does't work plz reinstall the software