Installing MEGA 2560


I have windows vista. I have used the UNO on my desktop and currently use it. I'm trying to install the driver for the MEGA 2560. The Arduino IDE does not reconize the com port that the mega is attached to. The driver does not automatically install, windows just tries to serach for it and it fails. However, I have attempted to go to device manager and search for the file,

"Arduino UNO.inf" to see if I could browse for the file directly. It doesn't work though. I would like to know where I can get the driver file for the mega 2560. Note: i have the arduino mega 2560 selected in the IDE enviroment. Thank you

What I found with the Mega 2560 is you need the "Arduino Mega 2560.inf" driver located in arduino-0022\drivers\ folder. Why are you using the Uno driver? Also, do not use the FTDI drivers with the Mega 2560.

I cannot get it to work on Win7/x64 though.