Installing Problems

I am a newbie to Arduino and I have been trying to troubleshoot the installation.

1) I can't get the software to install in "My Programs". I can open the audriuno file and then click on the arduino icon and then the IDE will open.

2) I can type in the "Blink" sketch. It compiles and verifies ok. And I get the "done compiling" message.I get 2 error messages:

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync:resp=0x30 avrdude:stk500_disable():protocal error,expect+0x14, resp = 0x51 I've checked under "tools" it shows COM 3 with a checkmark. I've read and reread troubleshooting and have gone through it several times.

3) I'm running Windows 7, 64 bit. The arduino does not show up in "Device manger". I've tried the help/support venue. The procedure does not work!!

I can't find a way to assign COM ports. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any arduino users anywhere near Ocala, Fl.?

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync:resp=0x30
avrdude:stk500_disable():protocal error,expect+0x14, resp = 0x51

That is a “famous” error message. I just received this particular messsage today - I was installing a FDTI Basic board and Arduino Mini USB Adapter to an breadboard version of an Arduino. My solution was use a cap in serie with the DTR and Arduino Reset pin ( both serial board ) , set the Port setting / Advanced by checking “Set RTS on off”, connect RX to RX Arduino, TX to TX Arduino - mini USB Adapter, connect RX to TX Arduino, TX to RX Arduino - FDTI Basic board , In the IDE , select the proper port number and select Board Ardiuno Pro, and the upload is working just fine. I don’t know what the jumper pin on the mini USB Adapter is. ( I use the latest model - the one with the extra pinouts. The schematic is for the older version.

As for your problem…

The error message simply mean that the COM port your are selected - “Check Port number” can not communicated “properly” with the Arduino chip. - I try that with my Port 1 ← a serial RS-232 - 9 pin for the fun of it, and Yep… I got that error message. So when you install / plug a Arduino device - ex–> UNO board, the computer will ask you to install a driver for the new device being install. And to confirm that , check “Device Manager” and check Ports section, and you will get a number like Port 10 UNO board <–example, so in the IDE program, re-select that new port and re-select the proper board you have.

I don’t know what type of board you are using, My feeling is telling me that you need to install / re-install the USB driver of the Arduino board you are using. It usaly work that when a board is detected, the system load it driver and show a virtual port on the device / port list. When you remove the Arduino board, the virtual port is now gone.

Edit :

Since you have Win 7, check this post by Terryking :,76898.0.html

In Device Manager under port: check which Com port the USB is installed. Then change your Port in Arduino to the corresponding port and it should work fine. I had the same problem and found that it Arduino had been installed under COM4.