Installing procedure in Windows 10

Arduino Projects book shows under "Windows 7 "

I use 10 and i see only hardware .

Nowere any icon to open Arduino !

Tools management shows me "Arlready installed best driver ".

Which link did you use when you downloaded the Arduino IDE: “Windows Installer” or “Windows ZIP file for non admin install”?

Tns for your reply.

I do not know , just plugged into the Uno.
Looked into settings and the “devisises”

There I see the Arduino.
with the only option “remove”.

I klicked it but nothing happens.

No option icon on the startup screen.
No option in Start Programs.

I resettted the Uno and it is downloading or at least the light showds data transfer for 1 hour again.
My download is 200 and upload 40 Mb

Do this:

  • Click this link for downloading the Arduino IDE:
  • Click either "Contribute and Download" or "Just Download" (donations are appreciated to support the development of the Arduino software).
  • Wait for the download to finish.
  • Run the downloaded file
  • After the installation completes you should see an Arduino shortcut on your desktop or Windows Start menu. Click that shortcut.

That will open the Arduino IDE, which you can use to upload the projects to your Arduino board.

Did not try the supplied link.

Figured out that donating and installing "Arduino Editor"works fine.
I,ll figure out what the consequence / differnences are :slight_smile:

to understand more of this forum, does it mean that you are a "moderator " connected to Arduino ?

No, I'm not a moderator. Just someone who tries to help out.