Installing PyxisOS


I'm trying to install the new PyxisOS on my megapalm (megapalm = arduino mega + liquiware touchshield slide LCD + buttonshield keyboard).

There are 2 programs, one goes to the mega (PyxisOS) and one goes to the LCD (PyxisLCD) to handle display commands.

  1. First of all, some bmp graphics must be copied in the flash part of the LCD using Antipasto gadget to upload files.

  2. the PyxisLCD must be uploaded to the toucheshield slide.

  3. the PyxysOS must be uploaded to the mega.

I did step 1., 2. and 3. with Arduino-0018 Mac.

The LCD setup() is ok, because the LCD displays the pyxis logo. The OS setup() is ok because it lights 3 leds on the keyboard (buttonshield).

I add, as documented, the OS.displayDesktop(); in PyxisOS.pde to display the basic menu, but nothing is displayed. It is like the mega does not communicate with the LCD, or the LCD does not receive any command from the mega.

I comment the mountsd() line because I do not own a sd card. But nothing more.

Anybody got PyxisOS working ?