Installing requests library on YUN 2

Hello. I am trying to install the Python requests library on the YUN 2. Here is what I have tried so far and the errors I am dealing with:

  1. Official Python Module Install Procedure:

Issue: When I enter "opkg install distribute" I receive the error: unknown package 'distribute'

  1. Install without pip
    python - How to manually install a pypi module without pip/easy_install? - Stack Overflow

Issue: Running : when I move the git repository over to the YUN and try to run this file with "python", I get error "No module named setuptools"

  1. Install pip manually from file
    Python 2.7: No module named setup tools - Stack Overflow

Issue: Fails with Memory error

  1. Increase YUN 2 storage with MicroSD card (in case we run out of storage running the pip install?)

Issue: Script fails with FAT32 formatting error

  1. Update YUN 2 openwrt installation (the advanced way with the executable)
    Yun 17.11 Reboot prerelease - Arduino Yún - Arduino Forum

Issue: The windows binary fails after update the bootloader

  1. Manually update the YUN 2 (the manual way using the github's files instead of stock)
    GitHub - arduino/yun-go-updater

Flash was successful (I think)

  1. Try steps 1-3 again

Issue: the same nonsense as before, just with more lost time

  1. Increase YUN storage by 1 GB using the github script instead of the official one


  1. Try steps 1-3 yet again

Issue: same as before, except even more lost time and now I'm also hungry for lunch.

So after all of this, can someone please tell me how to install the requests library using a method I have not already attempted?

Thanks in advance.

Update: Now I have the YUN 2 flashed back to the the state given here:

And when I try to extend the storage, I am told there is not enough space...on a fresh install...

Well I did figure this out eventually. The key was to flash to the sysupgrade image, install pip by forcing easy install to not worry about https, then delete the downloads created in this process to clear space for requests. I still cannot extend the storage, though. Ohh well.