Installing software from Arduino to windows 10

A research team I am on is intending to use the arduino UNO as a plug-and-play device. We would like it to check if the software is already installed, and then install it if it's not found or launch it if it is. After the program launches, the arduino needs to deliver the attached camera feed for the program to use.

My question is how possible is it to have the arduino do both functions, and any insight into how to do the first part would be appreciated.

This first problem, which I cannot think of a way round, is how the Arduino would test whether "the software", whatever it is, is installed on the PC

Secondly, you cannot install software on a PC from an Arduino

It is possible to program the Arduino, that it is saying to the computer, that it is a normal USB device or webcam or whatever you want. Just search for it on YouTube.

Your second question doesn't make any sense. but inquiring as to software presence on the PC and then taking conditional action based upon the response, would be done on the PC, NOT on the peripheral (Arduino).