Installing soil sensor v 2.2

Hello everybody!
I am right now working with a soil sensor called Soil sensor v 2.2,which also has an ambient temperature sensor,but I dont find enough resources online to study it…like I dont know which sensors it has.The difficult part for me was to find and install code.I cant even understand the code and didnt find any one to explain it.So could someone help me to figure it out…Here is what I want
1.I want to use the components of device one by one. i.e.I want to use soil sensor via serial print,then temperature sensor and then wifi.
2.After all this I want to jam everything up and use the device.

Also didnt find any datasheet or ant resource.Please do provide if you have any thing related to it.
Thank you in advance

Also,it has esp8266 for connecting to wifi

Start with tracking down the data sheet for your specific sensor. It should contain all the info you need to use it.

You'd better track and view the data sheets for a specific sensor. In general, info you want can be included in it. You can try it first.
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