InstallingSTM32 and no maple com port

Hi all
I hope some one can help me out on this. I have installed everything needed to work withe the STM32 on the Arduino IDE. I followed all installations needed step by step.

  1. installed the STM environment on the IDE
  2. loaded the boot loader using a FTDI module
  3. Installed the maple drivers using the .bat files
  4. Made sure the boot mode jumper are in correct position.
  5. Change R10 from 10K to 10K//2K, 1.7Kohm

All signal are green. The green led on the blue pill flashes when I connect the micro USB to the computer.
loaded the famous flash led tools select the right boards in the IDE selected the right upload mode STM32duino boot loader. Guess what Couldn’t find the DFU device: [1EAF:0003]

Problem is the device manager doesn’t show no device no lib in the device list nada After I installed the drivers. After a reboot no signals in a the device list. Non of the videos that i checked show this phenomenon.
When I connect the STM32 to the micro USB there is no signal of a device recognition.

Installing software using the serial FTDI module works fine.

Anyone has an idea what goes wrong here and why I don’t see no device in my device list.
Thanks so far.