instructions for multifunction board

I can't find a heading for my subject so I hope I am not going to get too much flak if I put it here. I am interested in getting a multifunction board

I notice there is no paperwork with it. Does anyone know of anywhere I could get instructions i.e, which pin goes to which fiunction? thanks. Bob.

no documentation..=> trouble ahead

knut_ny: no documentation..=> trouble ahead

I disagree. For me no documentation means I have to look and one of the ways to look is to get advice from a forum. Comments like yours are defeatist as well as unwarranted. I looked and found Which is exactly what I wanted.

has anyone seen any tutorials for this board anywhere? I am interested in the socket on the top left (wi-fi, i/r, temperature sensor etc)

Can you unzip, use Additional Options, Browse to your locally stored copy, and Attach the file?

The header (APC220) feeds power to the radio on pins 1 &2 and connects RX/TX to Arduino pins 0&1

Hi, the link to the manual does not seem to be working. Could it be updated or a new link,provided please. Cheers, Martyn

Well the link is working now so thanks for that. Is there an English translation of the manual available anywhere please? Or has anyone done any work on working out the connections and how to use the multifunction board? Any help will be much appreciated. Cheers, Martyn.

I didn’t ask for the manual . All I was wanting was the pin layouts. The link I quoted included a pdf file
which I have attached.
Is this what you wanted Bob?

function board.pdf (23.3 KB)

Yes, thanks. I was probably at work and couldn't access that.

The pin layouts are shown in the PDF okay. The Arduino header numbers are scattered around to the components (either digital, 0 to 13 with PWM markings, A0 to A5). Some buttons with pullup resistors, some LEDs with current limit resistors, some headers with +5/Gnd to connect to off board pots or sensors or servos (PWM signals), an onboard pot, an onboard buzzer it looks like, couple of shift registers for multiplexing 7-segment displays, an on board DS1820 (thermal sensor?) and one part on the serial lines with characters I don't know how to translate. Can't even copy/paste into google for a translation.

Did you go thru the other folder? Has a bunch of arduino sketches. The code is readable, the comments need translating. First several seem pretty standard, blink the LEDs, button presses, etc.

I can't get to e-bay at work, so I skip over posts with links to e-bay products.

no, I have tried to translate them. they don't come off the pdf sheet. I will try to find someone to translate them for me ^_^ The comments on the sketches do translate but it would be a big job to go through all of them . I have sent a message to the company I got the files from (in China) asking if they know of an English version.

edit :- the Chinese alongside the 7 pin plug converts as

'connect for wireless module'.

On the board it says

'APC200 bluetooth voice recognition module'.

Does that sound familiar?

APC220 radio will plug in directly.

Lots of hits on google for that radio, seems to be a source for them.

thanks Bob. I have just had a reply from my source, they know of no English version of the sketches with the Chinese comments. I may go through them at some time. If anyone wants a project please let me know :roll_eyes:

Hi matelot, Have managed to decipher any more info about this board. Do you have any extra info or sample code you could let me have to help with getting it going. I bought some of these too expecting data to come with them but nothing did. The supplier hasn't helped either. thanks

This may be of use:

Saying that, I haven't had a chance to try any of the sketches, so cannot vouch for how good it is. Seems to be a good match for the one I got off ebay, though.

Purchased one of these boards via eBay and have been very pleased with if from a hardware perspective. From a sketch or functionality view however the information available is ‘sketchy’ at best. Finally decided to write my own examples using what could be gleaned from the internet (mostly in Chinese - thankful for Google Translate :slight_smile: ).

Was able to write a number of examples and start a user document which I have included with the zip file attachment.

Only things I could not figure out were the BlueTooth, LM35 headers (need more hardware) and what the jumpers do.

If there is enough interest I may look at writing a Funduino Library.

Bill Brouwer (692 KB)

Thanks for the examples, perfect. I'm just confused, with how well the LM35 connection where the + OUT- must. who can tell me???

It works now