Instructions for portable installation of IDE 2.0

I am running IDE 1.8.9 on Windows 10. I would like to build a new stand-alone installation of a newer IDE version so downloaded the .zip file for IDE 2.0.0-beta.9. I extracted the files to a new folder per the instructions for building a portable version. The folder structure under 2.0.0 is completely different from 1.8.9 so I'm not sure where to put the new portable folder. I put portable in the /arduino-ide_2.0.0-beta.9_Windows_64bit folder but when I start 2.0.0 from Arduino IDE.exe it is still using all of my old files, such as boards from C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\Arduino15. I can't see any evidence that 2.0.0 is running in portable mode. How do I configure 2.0.0 for portable mode?


Hi @PaulMathews. Thanks for giving the beta stage Arduino IDE 2.x a try!

There is not currently any support for portable mode. This deficiency is being tracked by the developers here:

You can configure some of the folders the IDE uses in the C:\Users\me\.arduinoIDE\arduino-cli.yaml file. Information about the available configuration options here:

Hi Pert,
Thanks for the response. I'm sorry I missed the other posting about 2.0 not being available in portable mode yet.

I was interested in installing a newer version than 1.8.9 to try to debug problems that have cropped up in old STM32F103 sketches. I thought that by running those under 2.0 in portable mode I could keep the the two versions separate so as not to propagate problems from the old version to the new one. Would changes to the arduino-cli.yaml file affect both installations or is that file unique to 2.0?

Thanks for your help.

It is unique to Arduino IDE 2.x. The classic Arduino IDE does not use this file, or even the C:\Users\me\.arduinoIDE folder at all.