Instructions for Yun-GCC

For those who would like to compile c or c++ programs on the Yun without using a openwrt buildroot I put together these instructions:

Compiling on the Yun

And for more details of how to set some things up you can see my blog entry here:

gcc g++ on an arduino yun

I believe this is a very usable package now, testing is much appreciated, if anyone has trouble please post in the forum!

I actually got this to compile the avr toolchain that the arduino IDE uses, I'll post instructions when I can get it documented.

Hello did you have connected Arduino shield GSM with Arduino Yun please if yes could you tell me how can I do
thank you

This package is for the openwrt half of the Yun, the GSM shield interacts with the Leonardo half of the Yun. You should follow the instructions for the Leonardo here: GSMShieldLeonardoMega

Please don't post questions about your problem in totally unrelated threads. If you can't find a thread about the GSM shield start one with details of your results when you follow the instructions.

It looks like we miss packages like grep and xz. I've seen grep as part of openwrt 14.07, so maybe we can just backport it. xz is missing but packaging it should not be too difficult.