instrument cluster for a vehicle with a tft display

I want to make an instrument cluster for a vehicle with a tft display. For the speed and tack there would be analog as well as digital read out. for others only digital. water temp., oil pressure, volts, amps. the fuel would be analog only. I don't mind using multiple arduinos to split up the tasks as long as the communications are fast enough. The speed and tack would have to be as close as possible to real time, the others data doesn't need as high a refresh rate. I'm thinking a mega to drive the display and to handle the speed and tack. the other information could be handled by other board/s if necessary that would do A/D conversion and just make the data available for the mega to retrieve and display. The speed would be the most involved as of this time I do not know exactly how I will get input or what that input will be like. I'm thinking a hall sensor with a magnet on the end of the speedometer cable. what I don;t know is what the rate of the pulses would be. For the tack a coil on a plug wire would get me 1/2 of the RPM.
All of the rest would be simple A/D. When any of the reading goes out of range the element for that reading on the display would flash. the analog elements would change color (probable red) when they exceed a set point i.e. over rev, excessive speed. This will be going on a V8 powered trike I'm building. I don't know what the rear gear or the speedometer gear will be as of this time. But I know the speed pulse will start at 0 and the tack would be about 7K at idle that's about all I know right now. Is such a project possible?

Possible yes.
For you, who knows.
A lot involved as listed, so how much have you done?

just trying to get a working display, got one but was bad.

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Can you tell us your electronics, programming, Arduino, hardware experience?

You will need to develop your project in stages, each stage being a senor, or a display feature, power supply, input controls etc.. then combining them one at a time to build to your final effort.

What TFT have you tried and with what model Arduino.
Can you please post your code in code tags and we can advise on how to get it working.

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile: