Integer Adder, Compute Distance


This is not the homework helpline for the City University of Hong Kong.

reads two numbers (of any length)

They would, indeed, be amazing.

String s = Serial.readStringUntil(10);

If that's the standard of code you're being given by your instructors then you're not going to last very long in this profession. Hopefully your next class after this one will show you how this line does actually work but there's 5 things wrong with just this one line which will cause problems in the real world:

  1. Use of String class
  2. Magic number 10
  3. Blocking code
  4. Doesn't actually wait long enough for a human to type in a number.
  5. Cryptic variable name

Anyone else see any other problems?

I once overheard my boss giving a phone reference for a programmer who - thankfully - had left our organisation. He said the most devastatingly accurate thing: "The problem with Bill is that he does not understand computing".

It just summed up the situation wonderfully. Bill copied stuff cookbook-style, and he never really got it. He wasn't stupid (wasn't especially bright, either) but he just never had the knack for it. Beats me why he ever went into computers. He would have been able to make a decent living in sales and marketing, maybe.