integer to char

how can i convert Integer to char ??

See if anything in this thread helps:

do u know bro how to concatenation 2 characters ?
Val1 = “aaaaa”;
val2 = “bbbbbb”;
i want to show val1+vla2
do u know how?

strcat, but that's not the answer to your original question.
A char already is an integer.
It isn't an int, though.

// you can cast it like this:

int i = 7;
char ch;

void setup() {

    ch = (char)i;



// you can cast it like this:

Not a good idea, really. What happens if i is 12894 or -4582?

OP: You need to clarify what you want to do. Converting an int to a string is one thin (that makes sense). Converting an int to a char is another (that doesn't necessarily make sense).

It seems that you have two questions: 1-int to char? Please use the function" itoa()"; 2-Adding two chars together? Please consider using" String".

Please, don't consider entertaining the possibility of allowing the thought to cross your mind of using String

i use function that only take char variable
i want to make concatenation with them
int x=1;
char x="number1" ;

i want to print "number 1" in my fuction that only take char ......convert int to char done i only have problem to concatenation 2 char

It is not necessary to concatenate two things to print them out one after the other.


i using it in Twitter Library to send tweets consists of 2 ( Number & text)

tweet should be in char

It sounds like both issues you're having can be solved with a simple call to sprintf().

tweet should be in char

No, it isn't. The tween is an array of chars that is NULL terminated, also known as a string (which is not the same thing as a useless St\ring).