Integrating RFID with esp32 camera


I’m currently working on a project, but I need a bit of help. I’m going to be using RFID and esp32 camera. The RFID is going to be connected to Arduino UNO while the esp32 camera will be connected to FTDI. When they’re both approved then the door lock will open.

Now, I need some recommendations and suggestions. How can I integrate the RFID with the esp32 camera? I need to know how to make the person’s image match the scanned RFID so the door lock can open.

Thank you!

Will the person ALWAYS be facing the identical same direction relative to the camera? If not, you need to be able manipulate the picture to the same orientation as the original. Then you may be able to measure the distance between the eye centers, and from the base line, the tip of a nose and the angle from the nose to the edges of the mouth.
Likely to take longer than the person wants to wait.

Presume you are using something like an ESP32-CAM, and the example sketch that does facial recognition? Why don't you connect the RFID reader directly to the ESP32... then you don't need worry about communication between the 2 micro-controllers? The ESP32-CAM has a number of I/O pins exposed.

My suggestion is you should not use arduino. use ESP cam board for RFID reader.

just select code for ESP32cam (check image)

you can define relay if you want to operate relay.

and also define accessory library and pin for the RFID rc522.

You can also find both codes separately on google and combine both codes for relay operation and RFID operation.
it is very easy to combine both codes.
Hope you will get it. :+1:

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