Integrating TP4056 chips to a custom PCB?

Hello guys.

I'm trying to make a custom PCB board which consists of an attiny85 and a tp4056 chip.

it might be a really silly question not worth answering, but I'm just a beginner in designing PCBs so please help!!

The question is, is the TP4056 chip also classified as a Micro controller unit just like any arduino MCUs(atmega328p, etc..), and does it need any pre-works before use? By pre-work, I mean uploading codes to the chip such as bootloaders.

If not, can I just solder it in place just like the other electronics?

Thank you all! I don't know what I would do without all your help.

Well if your integrating the chip into a PCB, might it be worth reading the datasheet for the TP4056 ?

I did look up the datasheets. However, they were all written in Chinese so I couldn't read any:(

Then look for an English one, like here;

Thank you sir!

It looks like it has a default setting already programmed.

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