Integrating USB In My Desk

I am going to be building a new work bench / computer desk (Its going to be one desk, but it will have two different zones.), and I plan to integrate a few (Three total; One for coding computer, one for Mac, and one for PC.) usb hubs. I want to have the usb ports formed into the desk(s)… I also plan to have a power adapter / charger (Also USB) in the desk… Both the USB hubs and power supply are 4 port. I plan to have 4 panels of 4 usb ports each; one of each hub and supply per panel. Basically I am looking for either a plastic panel that can be easily fiberglassed in, or usb entenders with full plastic sleeves (The sleeve covers the female USB connector.) that can be fiberglassed in. I would really prefer the panel, but either would be good. Please leave some suggestions!

Mowcius can laser cut acrylic to spec :slight_smile:

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I am looking for either a plastic panel that can be easily fiberglassed in

Murphy’s Law says that doing that will attract heavy objects falling onto plugged-in connectors the way trailers attract tornados.

I assume you’ll be designing in some sort of riser to hold monitors, scopes, and such. My suggestion is to find some hubs with all 4 “A” connectors on one side, and mount them to the bottom of the riser with some sort of screwed-in “U” bracket. Probably something you’ll have to bend out of sheet aluminum yourself. That’ll make them easy to replace if something bad happens.

One possible source is those kits that were made for putting a panel with USB connectors into a drive bay. They may be available cheap on the surplus market now, since they were originally used heavily for upgrading PCs that came with few, or no, USB ports.

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You’ve reminded me that years ago I mounted a PC and hifi onto a desk. The desk top extended a good few inches beyond the vertical back of the desk creating an overhang.
I took my PC out of its case and attached it to the back panel of the desk using little corner brackets for mounting the HDD and PSU. Nailing a motherboard to my desk was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done to a computer.
I had an old all-in-one hifi that I took apart which was actually quite small inside, so I stuck that on the back panel too, linked it to the soundcard in my PC and stick the speakers under the desk, mounted to the underside of the top panel.
I then drilled a hole in the desk near the middle and mounted a power switch. It was awesome.

I wanted to do more with the cable management, and I had a slot-loading CD drive that I was going to mount vertically under the desk with a slot for sliding a CD in and out but never got round to it.