Integration of arduino devices

Hello there !

I have arduino devices, such as:

  1. Timers
  2. Temperature Controllers
  3. Water Level Controllers
  4. Security System

How I can integrate all these devices (Centralize) to a single unit ?

You have not provided enough information.

"Security system" could mean a sensor on one door or it could mean 100 different sensors on a large property.

How many Timers, Temperature controllers etc?

What specific Timers, controllers and security system etc?

And perhaps most important, how is the whole thing intended to operate?


  1. Security System: 5 doors, 3 windows, garrage door, door video camera
  2. Timers: 3
  3. Temperature Controller: 4
  4. Automatic Water Pump & Level controller

These devices are Arduino pro mini

Want to control from a centrilize panel by integrating all these devices.
How it can be integrated ? Now all devices are working stand alone.

You have at least 2 main questions here:

  1. Communications. Probably RS485 would be a good low-cost solution. See Examples HERE

  2. Integration by a central Arduino. You will need to decide what messages will be sent and received. You will need some protocol for message structure. See Nick Gammon's examples HERE

And: What is the human interface???

Do you mean that you have 4 separate systems (or is it 9?) each controlled by an Arduino Pro Mini and you would like to be able to link them to another central computer?

If so, why not just say so instead of forcing us to drag the information from you a little piece at a time?

  • Will the central computer be another Arduino or a PC?
  • How far is each Pro Mini from the location where you want the central computer?
  • What data will the central unit need to send to and receive from each of the Pro Minis?
  • What sort of control interface do you want for the central unit?
  • And if there is anything else you know about this that we don't know then please tell us