Intel Arduino 1.6.4 IDE do not ahve SoftwareSerial library

the IDE shows Intel/1586 library has no Sofwareserial

where to find the library?

the Arduiuno webpage leads to mikes webpage but no download for library or how to downloaded from that website?

where to find the library?

Why do you assume that the SoftwareSerial library has been ported to that hardware?

assumption: Intel ported the Arduino library to be compatible with Arduino 1.0

therefore, it should contain 1.0 content and more for their own extra property

they state it present in the core, and core ported in IDE + other libraries

the core a .jar file

then how do we get SoftwareSerial from some place and how to place into Lib or library of the IDE directories?

that not hard information to get from Arduino sources if they open tell me where and how to include correctly, since us who do not know, how an why build it this way, need help !!!