Intel Edison support

Unfortunately the Intel Edison support seems to have been broken since the necessary SDK is missing. On compilation the following message appears:

fork/exec /home/builder/.arduino15/packages/Intel/tools/core2-32-poky-linux/1.6.2+1.0/i686/sysroots/pokysdk/usr/bin/i586-poky-linux/i586-poky-linux-g++: no such file or directory

Do you plan to restore the Intel SDK?

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In the meantime I have got a bit further to re-enable Intel Edison support on behalf of Create. Please find my progress here: Arduino Create · Issue #98 · edison-fw/meta-intel-edison · GitHub

I am not doing this with the original outdated Yocto image, but with the new releases delivered by Mr. Toth. In the meantime they work fairly well and the major part of the original functionality has been re-enabled. Moreover the system has been updated to the x86_64 architecture, which is used also on the newer Intel boards.
One disadvantage: currently there do not exist any pre-assembled images, so you have to build them yourself on behalf of the Yocto build system (bitbake): Intel Edison Image Builder |

I would be very happy if interested people could join my efforts, to fully rehabilitate this powerful board :)!

The first question from my side: does Arduino Create use the correct mraa plugin when talking to Intel Edison (see also GitHub)?