Intel Edison with Breakboard for Arduino + LCM1602C display

Hi there Gents,

I just got an Intel Edison with the Breakboard for Arduino.

I could just complete the first basics course ( LED blinking) , so that said, means I could install properly the board along with their drivers and ports.

Now I'm trying to start with the basic " Hello World" Using the LCM1602C display which was coming with the first Arduino Kit I took.

The problem I'm having, is that the display does not show anything, there are just those black blocks in shown in the display.

I've reviewed every connection a thousand times and is correct, the display is working but does not show the message " Hello World". I can even adjust properly the contrast through the pot (10K suggested in the tutorial.

Now, I'm beginning to think that perhaps the Breakboard is not suitable with the LCD whatever the reason is, although this sounds a bit weird to me because the pin-out is actually the same than with an Arduino one.

I'm using the version of the software suggested by Intel to make it works " Arduino IDE "

Any idea?

Thank you in advance