Intel Galileo Gen 1: Driver 732 doesn't work

Environment: Mac Yosemite
Board: Intel Galileo Gn 1 Driver 732

Using a version of Arduino (for Galileo) and using the standalone firmware updater I've attempted to update the 732 firmware to the latest. After many attempts from both methods - over 30 minutes expire and the installation update simply fails.

New Problem:
Now the cu.usbmodem1421 no no longer appears in the Arduino Software port selection, not the Apples, About this Mac - System Report - USB information listing.

The reboot button doesn't seem to have any effect (from reading this is normal on pre 1.0.0 firmware) so power cable removal only means to reboot.
On powering up the green power button appears never to flicker.
The USB light next to the USB Client connection doesn't light up when the cable is inserted.
As per online help, always plug power in followed by USB cable.
Attempted to manual install drivers.

Any help would be much appreciated as I feel i've exhausted all options, and feel i simply need to return the galileo to the shop in which it came from.