Intel Real Sense Camera + Arduino


I'm trying to connect an Intel Real Sense Camera to an arduino. I'm having issues with the fact that both need to use com5. I'm opening the serial port in C# for the Intel Real Sense, and then I pass on the information to the arduino by checking in the code for the arduino if the serial is available. However, if I have my camera on, then try to upload the code to the arduino, I get an error saying that com5 is already open, and access is denied.

Any suggestions?

If you are on PC you can force a new com port on a device. Open the device in the port listing in the control panels of windows, get properties and assign a new com number. Dont forget to click apply. I would do this to the arduino's com number as I don't know how specific the camera's is - its' USB right so it should be universal, but when did that ever make any sense!