Intelligent Traffic Control!!Urgent!!


Please,i need help with a project for my younger brother,this is what he's trying to do.we're trying to build an intelligent traffic control system using 2 microcontrollers in a four way junction.there has to be 1 infrared sensor on each road detecting passing of a vehicle making four for the for four roads.All four ir sensors will be connected to a microcontroller 'M' which will pass the information of vehicle count on each road to the other microcontroller 'D' using an RF module. The other RF module should recieve the information and the microcontroller 'D' should make decisions for allocating time based on the road with highest number of vehicles. LED will be attached to microcontroller D to show timing decisions.

It's a project from school I said i'd help him with but i completely's due in 2 days. Any help is highly appreciated. I really dont have any prior knowledge of this sorta thing,so please expalin things in simple terms please :confused: .Thank you

P.S:he already has the following equipment ir sensors,arduino mega,arduino uno,breadboard,Nrf24L01-2.4 transciever

A forum does not work this way. If you have a specific problem and need help then you're welcome.

If you have "no prior knowlege" and need someone to realize your "Urgent" project, you need to pay money.

I'm curious - why did you say you'd help him if you know nothing about the subject?

If you’re up against time, and have to show something, I’d drop the idea of two micros, and get the basics working first.

Separate the project into modules…

  • A light sequencer and controller that can be duplicated for as many junctions and lanes as needed.
  • A traffic sensor that detects passing cars, and builds data based on the lane and route -
  • and a state machines tie these together.

This will save you from having to work through developing a comm protocol between the separate micros, and in many cases will be enough to support a simple junction.

With the modular approach, you can extend later with ped crossings, schedules, and perhaps networking and predictive logic to other junctions if that’s needed.

The mega has lots of I/o, so it is likely to have enough separate pins to do everything you need.

Sounds like a great project!

It is a real shame that both of you waited until two days before the due date to start thinking about it.

Why two Arduinos? Is that something you thought would be cool or is it a requirement of the assignment? If "cool" then don't bother. If "requirement" then get that part working first: do the lights later. (Even though LED lights are the simplest part of the project.)