Intelligent traffic light controller based on arduino uno

I need help to design traffic controller based on arduino The controller should behave according to car ,s flux direction which means the time given to each one varies according to density of cars in each direction The control consist of two modes of operations : night and day modes In addition to the controller must detect an emergency vehicle to give the priority for that direction Furthermore the controller can be extended to display time slots the calender and the temperature H

Help me in the design

First I think we need to know if this a real, full-size project or a table-top model.

How can i detect the emergebcy cars What do you mean by Real Full size project Table +???????.....?????????...?..?

Zannero: You can google it you find useful link for bridge

You want me to Google to find out about your project?

I need help

Zannero: I need help

I know.

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What we want to know is if your project is for a real world situation or a model?

Can you tell us your electronics, programming, Arduino, hardware experience?

Can you post a diagram of how you will have your traffic lights arranged?

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