intels random nr generator under discussion?

As random numbers are one of the major recurring threads on the forum, ...

Yes. "Trust me, I'm from the Government."


Discussed - of course - by Steve Gibson.

It's a bit difficult to see how the random source of itself could be biased to create predictability; it would have to have a strong connection with some other part of the (CPU) hardware.

As Steve describes, any properly implemented randomiser cannot be made less random by poisoning one of its seeds, than if that seed were not present in the first place, so it makes absolute sense to use Yarrow as the trusted mechanism, and add the hardware entropy source to it. What should have been done in the first place, had they had a mind to do it.

This is why I love open source software. Commercial entities can be persuaded to do things against the common interest, but when there are thousands to millions of eyes on the source code, and they're all virtually independent, it's much more difficult.

Big thanks to BSD's developers and officers for watching out for us. 8)