Interaction with XBMC via JSON

Dear all,

I am completely new to Arduino, but already love the capabilities!
I am in the process of building my own HTPC and looking for a good and flexible way to display media information on an OLED display. Arduino came to mind! But how to get the players information to the board?

Best and most flexible way (I thought) was JSON. XBMC sends out all kind of information, if requested, via JSON.
Arduino has the aJSON library to parse the requested data.

Has anybody research this already? I have searched this forum and google but came out blank.
How can I send Json requests to my PC running XBMC and get this info into Arduino, so I can display it on my OLEd display.
Since it is an OLED I would like to play with font sizes and images, so the display should be divided in multiple “zones” where information is displayed.

I hope I make my self clear, if not → tell me so!