Interactive art exhibition - Umaneenergie 2.0

Hi everybody,
Umaneenergie is an association of artists and technicians who developed an interactive multimedia exhibition regarding the theme of power consumption, simulating an ecosystem in which all the installations are related each other.
The aim of this art project is to sensibilize people to the theme of energy waste and renewable energy.
The exhibition started sunday the 7th and lasts until sunday the 14th in perugia, Italy.

The electonic interface between the installations and the PCs is "Beduino", a variant of Arduino developed by confinidigitali, an italian company working in the field of embedded systems. Beduino is a single board which joins the arduino board and the Xbee shield, contained in a small plastic enclosure, also battery powered and with 3 RJ45 connectors for atmega's lines.
The Beduino platform will be shown in detail during a technical workshop inside the exhibition on October, 12th.

contact: info [at] / info [at]