interactive borne therm

an interactive measurement and disinfection terminal.
Someone can help me with the logic and guide me on the instructions I asked.
Initialization sequence:

1- When someone feeds the station, an audio message streams 2.mp3 on DFplayer mini.


2- When someone shows up in front of the station (field D1 = 80cm) an audio message 3.mp3 to put their forehead near the thermometer.
3- A return signal in analog if less than 650, the feedback feed activates that the measurement is made and a 5.mp3 message clears to freeze
4- if (field D2 = 5cm), output with main pump active and delay of 18s
5- audio 4.mp3 activates immediately afterwards without condistion to disinfect by foot pump
6- audio 1.mp3 launches to end the operation
7- return to departure (2)