Interactive Contemporary Dance Costume

Hi all, I recently started playing around with my flora and I'm trying to develop a light up dance costume for my dance teacher. I would really like to make something interactive because I think it makes for a more interesting project and idea than just hardcoding it.

My first idea was to make the lights blink or change colour based on the speed picked up from the accelerometer, but when I searched for how to use it to sense motion I got some thesis papers whose math is far beyond me.

I've also considered using the compass and calibrating the colour of the lights based on the strength of the nearest magnetic pull, but this isn't as visually interactive without explination.

Obviously, I'm willing to just write out the program second by second if that gives the best result but I was wondering if anyone had any advice on a) using the accelerometer or b) other sensors that could produce interesting results.

Thanks :)

Accelerometers measure acceleration, not speed and unfortunately, the "pull of gravity" is a large acceleration that is always present in the output data.

It is a bit difficult to separate that out from a person's acceleration due to dance motions, for example, which may explain why the math seemed complicated.

You might consider a sound sensor, which could change the lighting effect depending on volume or frequency of tones. Onlookers should be able to relate the two effects, and projects like this are quite popular with Arduino.

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Adafruit is the place to check out, and their YouTube channel.

Look at this, it s a vibration sensor that if positioned right may do the job.

There are some clothing based products there as well.

Hope it helps, sounds like a good project.

Tom.. :)

Thanks for the tip off about the vibration sensor! it seems like it might be my best bet sensor wise.