Interactive Snow window for HBO

An interactive holiday installation for HBO's retail store in Times Square. People on the sidewalk set off fans hidden under a steel grating that holds lots of fake snow. As people get closer, the snow near them is blown into the air via industrial fans. Graphics on an LED wall behind the snow also change with pedestrian movement. An openFrameworks app controls the LED screen and communicates with an Arduino Duemilanove. An array of Sharp IR sensors detect passerbys and act as inputs to the Arduino. The openFrameworks app is also talking to a National Control Devices relay board, which is toggling the Air King fans on and off in response to the IR data from the Arduino. To make sure the snow is redistributed and does not stay in piles we give the fans a low duty cycle when no one is detected.

Let it snow! Justin Manor,

Awesome. I love how the kids marvel at it :)

Yeah, HBO thought it was ironic that most of the love that the piece got was from kids under 8, but they only make R-rated shows. But anything that causes children to spaz is a success in my book.


Nice, gives me a reason to brave the cold and wander downtown again.