Interactive work for final year project by Arduino

Hi All,

Hope someone can answer my questions?

I am going to make an interactive work for my final year project by Arduino. The work is about using an "Old Radio" to trigger out the moment from the computer screen. The radio's buttons will be the main input device to connect the computer. While people simply by tuning the radio's button (ie. frequency, volume, switch AM/FM, etc) sort of interactive elements will display on screen (Flash, video, sound, etc). If the input setting was change, elements will change as well.

I am thinking to use Arduino to be to connect the Old Radio and Computer. But quite worry for the technical part.

  1. What hardware parts do i need to buy to replace the existing parts for the radio (ie. tunning button, volume switch, etc) that can connect to Arduino? Coz, i want to use a real old radio to be the input device.
  2. Any existing programs or code can be the reference? Flash? Processing?
  3. Is that easy to control the flash, video, sound, etc. via Ardunio?
  4. Any suggestion for this issue?


Hello and welcome to the forum!

Are you going to send RF signals between the radio, and the arduino? Or are you going to connect the arduino to the switches and knobs already present on the radio?

As for controlling media on the computer, with the arduino, I think both Flash and Processing would give you a satisfiable result. Do you know either Flash or Processing?

Hiya AlphaBeta,

I would like to use the RF signals to control the interactive elements (movie, flash, image, sound, etc) by tuning the knobs with Arduino. Is that complicated? Otherwise i will just simply connect the arduino to the switches and knobs without RF platform.

Well, just got a basic knowledge for Flash & Processing, it maybe great if there have reference related to this project. By the way, do you have any other suggestions for me?

Tks :)