Interafce with....

Alright experts.

Im wanting to use arduino as a sensor controler but want a quite substantial touch screen interface too.

Ive seen this on the bay, but just wondering if i can interface both

WinCE NET 5.0 O/S

Sry if this is in the wrong forum

The project im wanting has been done many times before but, this is for me to learn and experiment. In Car Digital Dash for non ODBII car :smiley: i will be using QT on this device for the interface, the Arduino will just be there for sensor inputs from water temp, oil temp, boost, voltage, RPM, Etc...

Cheers for any help


You need to confirm that you can actually install and run applications on that gadget: it's possible that it's set up to autostart its built-in apps, without any "normal" WinCE GUI interface.

You also need to confirm that it has either a serial, or USB host, interface to hook up the Arduino: I didn't see that in the specs on the ebay page.