Intercept and "distribute" midi notes


I built a midi controller that sends out midi notes on a fixed midi channel running on an Arduino Mega.

I would like to take all notes that my sketch "sends" and intercept them before they go to the DIN midi output and distribute them to 4 different midi channels.

This is so I can use my Elektron Digitakt as a 4 voice poly synth.

This script does what I want, but only works in incoming midi being sent to the Arduino in a midi port.

Any ideas how to go about it?



Not very clear. I think you're saying that you have an existing sketch that outputs MIDI notes on a single MIDI channel. You want to modify that sketch so that it separates the various notes out into 4 different MIDI channels to give basic 4-note polyphony. Is that correct?

If you first post the original sketch and you also provide some idea of how the MIDI channel for each note is selected then it should be possible to help. The MIDI channel is included in every MIDI message so it's just a question of know when you should change it. This may be as simple as giving each note the next possible channel...and working out some rules for what gets dropped when too many notes are pressed at once.


Hi Lameller

It seems like you want send midi notes from one output to the 4 Electron inputs.
If I good understand you need simple solution like midi thru box. Simple circuit which is available plenty examples around internet. I not tested Volca_Simple example but it looks like it can send/distribute incoming midi notes on 16 channel to the other different midi channels. Then you need only setting these channels in Electrons and midi thru box should do the job for distribution midi data from one output Arduino to the 4 input in Electrons.