Intercept MSP430F14x MCU communication with HT1621

Hello, greetings, this is my first post, in this forum.
I have an instrument with a personalized LCD segment display, 4 1/2 digits 7 segments + decimal point and 4 positions of 16 segments + some status indications. There are various segments that fail, there are no spare parts. After locating the communication tracks between MCU MSP430F14x and HT1621, I have managed to see the frame that MCU sends, with logic analyzer, applying SPI analyzer.
The clock frequency is 87 kHz.
MCU sends three types of commands, config "100", read "110" and write "101" one separator bit, followed by 6 bits for the initial address, another separator bit and then one or more groups of 4-bit data .
The idea is to compose the image with the bus data and replicate it on another type of screen.

HT1621 datasheet

I would appreciate help, suggestions on how to guide this project.