Intercom link ?

Hi everyone!

I would like to ask you for advise on which approach should I use and what would be the required parts for the endeavour.

My office is only 3 streets away from my house. Anyway I'm not full time at the office, but at the same time I don't want to leave the office completely unattended.

The sollution to my problem would be having something that would:

1) At least, send me a notification when someone rings the main door bell so that I can "move my ass" there and find out who rung the bell and what he wants.

2) If it's possible, and I know this will be way more complex, establish a full duplex audio communication between the person using the intercom (in my office) and me (I could be in my house, or other place). Because sometimes it's just

  • INFO The intercom only has audio.

[u]What I've thought so far[/u] To establish the link between the two places: Ethernet Shield (DSL connection in both ends) or GSM Shield

I'd probably use the Ethernet shield for communication since the DSL connection is already being paid for. (Each GSM shield will require it's own SIM with associated data plan.)

But, since I've never actually coded for either, I could just be talking out of my sit-upon. ;)

I have also never worked with the ethernet shield, but it would be a good option. What you could try is to use a mp3 shield that would record messages. Then, the ethernet shield could send the files to a server somewhere. If you wanted to send a message back, you could write some easy web app to record and send a mp3 back to the Arduino to be played.

For audio, buy a cheap walkie talkie off ebay and modify it so that the buttons and mic/speaker are externally mounted (in a weather proof box) by the door.

Scratch that idea, if you have DSL at both ends, the maybe a VoIP (Raspberry Pi for low power) solution would be better, still needs external mic and speaker though

I'd be tempted to put a RPi with a webcam at each end.