Interest in Arduino platform based on Microchip


We are looking at developing an Arduino hardware compatible board based on a Microchip PIC. This will allow another microcontroller family to use the shields easily.

There may also be some possibility of porting wiring to PICs as well, although this is always problematic due to the commercial nature of C compilers for this platform.

Your thoughts appreciated.

kind regards, Ian.

There's already a PIC like Arduino called Jaluino check out

Pinguino may be worth a look

There was/is also the USB Bit Whacker, which is very similar in concept to Arduino. The tough part seems to be implementing a suitably easy-to-use programming environment.

The C compile Arduino uses is a GNU C compiler with some slight mods. I don't think its a stretch since that same GNU compiler already supports picmicros. Correct me if I'm wrong..

Are you looking for C or BASIC on a picmicro?

OK. WHICH "Microchip PIC." There are essentially 4 major families and some sub-families, and I believe that gcc only supports two of them (the rather less-common 16 and 32bit (PIC24 and PIC32) cores.)