Interested in Arduino!

The first time I ever saw an arduino board online, It intrigued me. Being the creative type, there's always a new idea floating around my head. But due to the lack of knowledge and materials, those ideas never come into fruition. I dont want to just sit in front of the T.V. and let my creativity just rot away. I have been doing some of that such as drawing, plush making, and paper modeling. But the part of me that wants to create instruments, remote controlled cars, robots, all that cool schtuff. Has never been fully realized. I want to change that, I want to get started, I want to try Arduino! Of course such journey will not be easy, and there may be times where I may feel discouraged. But that's a part of the experience.

I've been looking online, and i've came across a few different starter kits. Such as the official kit, the "SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Arduino" , the "Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack" from maker shed, and the "ARDX - The starter kit for Arduino". Which if any would be a good choice for a totally newb?

Some more for the list...

This was my "first" microcontroller kit... The kit is cheap ($30), the book is easy to understand, and there is good coverage. There are two downsides: 1. It is not an Arduino; 2. The programming language is [u]very[/u] different. Even though the board / processor are now gathering dust, it was definitely worth buying.

Something to consider: A Lady Ada kit will get you great support on her forums. An Arduino kit will get you great support here. Before handing over your money, I suggest checking out the forum / support.