Interesting project/product. Digital LEDs (ws2801) !! HELP !!

Hey all,

I have been lurking on and off for a while, and it's great to see how knowledgeable and open everyone is on this forum.

I am looking for some assistance in hardware selection and arduino programming assistance to prototype a product that I'd like to market. The Prototype will prove the basic concept and aesthetics, but for production, additional functionality will need to be implemented - these functions are fairly well specified, and should be considered -but not developed- from the start. I have the aesthetic portion of the process handled, I just need someone who is even more techie than I am to make the guts work...

I am located on Long Island, NY and would prefer to work with someone in Nassau or Queens/Brooklyn.

It's a shoestring budget for the moment, investors need to see something working. In exchange for your "sweat equity", I am offering partnership in the proceeds of the project/product.

interested people should email with examples of your work:

Thanks in advance, Paul