Interesting Suit project, any ideas?

Hi there guys!! Well a newbie to the forums and arduino programming etc, but eager to learn. Let me give you some background on what i'm planning and see if anyone can help me out. I make mascot suits for people and will be making one for myself at some point that is a snow leopard. Now, i'm wanting to go all high tech with this suit and add in EL Sheet and EL Wire around the mascot's spots, as well as a hidden RGBW led at the tip of his tail and RGBW led's in his eyes.

What i'd ideally like to do is to be able to control the whole lot by arduino lillypad or even a standard arduino board so that I can do things like pulse the EL sheet and wire, colour fade the eyes, colour fade the tail, switch them all to solid on/off, switch each individually and lastly i'd like to put a microphone somewhere on the suit and have all the lights "dance" at a rave or disco or where there's loud enough music for it to pick up.

Is this a feasible thing to be able to achieve with an arduino board? and what can you guys think that i'm going to need to get my hands on to make all this happen? (take it as point that i have nothing at this moment and would need to purchase everything needed to do this project.)

Thanks for the help!