interface a cam and computer over air

well,i have an arduino due,2nos of xbee pro and CCD camera(CCTV surveillance) and a can i get the live video feed to computer??? i thought like the cam data can be decoded using MAX9526 circuit...take the i2c interface to due..and put it in xbee...and sent it...or else is there any easiest way??using web cam...i heard the web cam transfer data at 480mbps..while xbee is 250kbps!:( i need a better way to begin with...

.i heard the web cam transfer data at 480mbps

The bit rate may be 480Mbps (note the capital “M”), but the average data rate will be much slower, though still greater than 250kbps, and I don’t really see sending videa-rate data over I2C as realistic (the interface is for control, not data)

Why not just use a wireless IP camera?

(is there something wrong with your shift and question mark keys?)

how much range can IP cameras provide?

Why don't you google a spec for one?

is it possible to get video stream from web cam through xbee wifi module by using arduino due as interface between the cam and xbee?

Lots of things are possible if you are willing to spend enough time and money on it. But why don't you simply buy an IP camera with a WiFi interface?