Interface arduino with geofencing

Basically, I'm using an Arduino board, a GPS module, HC 12 transceiver and power supply on a particular object. Server side, I'm using a Raspberry Pi micro processor, HC 12 Transceiver and GPRS Shield. I need to create Geo-fencing using Arduino and trigger a message to the user if the object is moved outside the threshold, how to create geofencing using Arduino?

Connect your parts together and write some code!

The Arduino code can be quite simple. It just needs to read the GPS coordinates and transmit this via the hc12 module. The more complex code can be on the Pi. It may need to do some trigonometry to calculate if the coordinates are outside the geofence.

What shape will the geofence be? Circular or lat/long limits?

The problem I can see here is that the size of the geofence could be larger than the transmit range of the hc12 transceivers.

You write a program that compares GPS coordinates to GPS boundaries.

Google "arduino geofencing" for examples.

Accuracy can also be an issue

I couldn't find any code which uses Arduino Uno for geofencing, Can you please help me out with the code. I'm going to use circular boundary for geofencing. Is there any code for my requirement? Basically, i'm using an arduino, a gps module, and hc12 on an object. i need a code to connect all these and send a message to the server when object is moved outside geofence threshold. Thank you.

If you would like to have code written for you, please post on the Gigs & Collaborations forum sections. You may be asked to pay for the help.