Interface between Arduino & a smartphone/comp using Wifi


I am trying to make a Wireless Door Lock and Message Display Board System! The idea is to connect a smartphone/computer (through HTML?) to Arduino over Wifi network and use it to send and receive simple messages that will be displayed on a LCD connected to the Arduino board which is fixed on the door. Is this possible? Do I have to use a wifi shield or can I also use an ethernet shield with a router? Which will be easier?

Also, if the above is feasible, I will then go on to expand this into a door lock system where the phone/computer can be used to lock/unlock the door by using a simple passcode lock over the wifi network. So, a person can remotely lock and unlock his/her door from anywhere through wifi. Is this feasible too?

[u]I don't want you to give me steps on how to do it or anything like that, its my project, I will figure that out slowly, but I just want to know if this idea is even possible and feasible enough![/u]

Thank You so much! Cheers Shek

Is this possible?


Do I have to use a wifi shield or can I also use an ethernet shield with a router?

Both is possible, which one to choose depends on experience, budget and space requirements.

Which will be easier?

Typically the version with the external router is easier to debug if something goes wrong, because you can attach a laptop and try to connect from there. Debugging a non-working WiFi shield can be tricky for the beginner.

Is this feasible too?

From a technical view: yes. You have to decide about the security view. If someone is able to decipher your network traffic he will be able to unlock your door…

Thank you so much!

I think I will go the ethernet + router way!

Also, yes, maybe the lock may have some security issues, but as long as it can be implemented its fine. I will look further into the security protocols later!

Thank you so much! If I have any more specific questions, I shall bother you someday! :P

All the best. Cheers!

I'm using wireless router + OpenWRT + Arduino without using Ethernet shield for my project. This will lower the cost.

My project: Wireless Router Home Automation to control home appliances :P,127175.msg956414.html#msg956414