Interface Combo Conductivity / Temperature Sensor with Arduino

Hello Arduino Community,

So first off, I would like to express the fact that I am new to Arduino with only a few successful projects under my belt. That being said, I would like to somehow interface a BlueLab Conductivity / Temp combo sensor BlueLab Combo Meter with my Arduino. This is used for measuring the EC and Temp values in different solutions. I’ve chosen to use this sensor in order to save on project costs plus it was just laying around collecting dust. As you can see from the attached image it has 4 wires [red = 5V, black = GRND, white = D-, blue= D+] (I believe that’s what they are). While conducting some research I found that this type of cable is commonly used for USB configs.

Plugging red into 5V, black into GRND, and blue in A0 on the Arduino I am able to read a sensor value using the example AnalogRead sketch. I’ve noticed that while submerging the sensor into different solutions the value changes. Tap water will drop to around 940 every single time and “cleaner” water from the well corresponds to a lower number around 800 every time. So it’s working… kinda.

I know EC depends on temperature so I would somehow have to access both features with the combo meter to calculate EC.

Am I on the right track with this? Should I just shell out the money for a different Arduino specific sensor? Is there any way to make this work? If its calibrated from factory would I need to re-calibrate for Arduino? How can I use the current readings to get what I need? Where do I begin?

Thanks in advance,