Interface I2C Keypad with ESP32CAM

Hello All, I'm trying to do a project "face recognition + OTP based door lock" using ESP32CAM with CH340. I'm trying to use I2C LCD, keypad with I2C and relay + solenoid lock for this project. Everything except the keypad works fine. I don't understand the reason for it. I have tried keypad + I2C separately with Arduino Nano and it works fine,...... but with ESP32CAM, I'm not able to use the keypad. I have tried I2C_Keypad and Keypad_I2C libraries and both didn't help me. I have used Wire(1,3) for I2C which is working for LCD but not the Keypad. Can anyone help me with an idea on how to proceed with this ? I have exhausted all the possibilities I know. Please help me with the Keypad + I2C. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

have you tested the keypad by itself ?
post your test code (using code tags) and a schematic?

And the specifications (Web page reference) for the "I²C Keypad" as this is not a familiar item.

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