Interface LG-JG20MA light beam sensor with Arduino Mega

Hi everyone,
I need to use a number of light beam sensors as time switches at different locations to determine position and time of a bicycle passing by.
I found this sensor:

I think voltage-wise is gonna work fine in the Arduino. But the current is worrying me. The output current of the sensor is said to be 100mA. Which is probably too much (I believe the suggested current in every pin to be 20mA). What do you think? Is the current gonna be a problem? If so, is there a way to reduce it?

Thank you very much for your help.

PS:I’m new to this world :slight_smile:

100mA is the maximum current it can "supply". It won't force 100mA to the Arduino input.

Thanks Paulcet.
Given your answer, I assume the sensor receiver is gonna work fine in the Arduino then.
One last question about the NPN output. Can I just connect it straight into a digital pin, right?